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our dream, our baby, and our pride and joy

these days of mass production, it is rare to find a bakery that devotes itself to quality over quantity.

Cocoa Bakery uses only quality ingredients.  All of our cakes are made from scratch with the finest ingredients, providing you with cakes of the highest quality.

Cocoa Bakery's unique creations include traditional tiered cakes and contemporary custom designs.   Every Cocoa Bakery wedding cake is a work of art and every cake tastes as good as it looks.
Cocoa Bakery is a family-owned business, serving the san Gabriel Valley since 2004, and is now at Claremont.

My story

It all started with my passion for cooking when I was a little girl.  I have enjoyed cooking and baking for my family since I was 8 years old.

I began my working career as a secretary and an office manager in Hong Kong.  However, I always had my mind on cooking --  cooking for my husband, cooking for my family.  I began taking cooking classes in the evening.

Before I moved to the United States to reunite with my parents,  I made the decision to go back to college to purse my lifelong dream in culinary arts.  With my husband’s support, I went to Switzerland to pursue Hotel Management at Les Roches, and was awarded a Diploma in Swiss Hotel Management in 1993.  In addition to my studies in Switzerland, I trained professionally at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where I received a diploma specializing in French Cuisine and Pastries.

In California, I worked with the renowned pastry chefs at the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach and the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point.  In 2004, I was promoted to the Pastry Chef at the Pacific Palm Hotel.  With the experiences at these five-star hotels, I developed a range of skills to create cakes with exquisite taste that have become the foundation for Cocoa Bakery.

In gratitude

Without the help and unending support of my dear husband and lifelong partner, George Kam, my dream would never have come true.  His encouragement is so important to me.  I would like to express my gratitude to my mother, Lai Yung Wong.  And I would like to thank you beloved father, Kin Sun Wong.  My dearest daddy did not receive a formal education, but he knew the importance of education to his children.  All of his life he worked hard for us.  His love and guidance are always with me.  He once said to me, “I cannot give you much, but I will support you as far as you want.”  These words echo in my heart everyday.  He is my life role model.  I will never forget his love, his perseverance, and his positive attitude toward life.